Builder Review Daily is highlighting the top 12 actions taken on behalf of Home Builders so far this Spring.

Accomplishment number 7: Providing Specialized Resource Toolkits to Help NAHB Members Position Their Businesses for the Economic Recovery

As directed by Chairman Barry Rutenberg earlier this year, NAHB has compiled a series of resources designed to help our members position their businesses to succeed and thrive as the economic situation improves. From guidance on improving how you build and sell homes, to general business management tactics, to briefings on specific issues such as appraisals, AD&C lending and more, the Rebounding Success Toolkits bring together the expertise of the NAHB federation in one comprehensive online resource.

Here’s what’s available to you with a click of your mouse:

Land Use 101 Toolkit – This toolkit helps members of the building industry to understand and deal with new federal programs under the Sustainable Communities Initiative and other land use issues. It provides tools to help HBAs and members get involved early in such reform efforts to ensure that their perspectives and experience are represented and that proposed new policies are based on evidence, not just theory.

Building Homes 101 Toolkit – This toolkit contains valuable information to help builders respond to the adverse shift in terms and availability of construction financing, access and evaluate various building products, avoid common pitfalls of certain building techniques, and take advantage of new green building options to appeal to today’s buyers.

Selling Homes 101 Toolkit – This toolkit provides tips and tactics to successfully market yourself and your homes, including important information on obtaining more accurate appraisals, ways to educate consumers on the benefits of homeownership, and more.

Business Management 101 Toolkit – This toolkit provides important resources to help you manage your business more effectively and increase your profits. Its offerings cover strategic planning, financial management, marketing and sales, construction management, information technology and more.