Drywall imported from China that was used in home construction in the United States is causing some concern for homeowners and home builders, and has been a hot topic in the media this year.

Home owners have reported foul odors and air conditioning-related problems in homes constructed with some of the drywall imported from China. Additionally, copper components, and certain electrical and plumbing components might have a blackened appearance. It is believed the drywall was imported into the U.S. between 2004 and 2008. Some of this drywall is alleged to contain high levels of sulfur and/or other contaminants, which it is emitting or off-gassing. Governmental agencies are investigating the potential adverse health consequences of exposure to the sulfur gases. Little is known about the proper methods for investigating and remediating the drywall, which has led to concern for many on how to address the issue.

To help builders and other HBA members become knowledgeable about Chinese drywall and to learn about currently existing resources, NAHB has assembled a webpage with information to help builders learn about the issue so that they can answer home owner questions. To view this page, click here.