UPDATE: Speaker Newt Gingrich will appear at the Homeownership Works Rally.

The National Association of Home Builders is planning a rally at the South Carolina State House in January in to support the housing industry and homeownership in America—The American Dream.  Every member of the Home Builders Association of Greenville is encouraged to travel to the State House in Columbia to participate.

  • Homeownership Works Rally
  • Thursday, January 12, 12 noon
  • South Carolina State House, Columbia, SC
  • Presented by the National Association of Home Builders
The goal of this event is to publicize the state and national impact of homeownership and the housing industry.  The Republican Presidential Preference Primary will take place less than two weeks after the rally.  Numerous Republican candidates for President of the United States will be in South Carolina campaigning the week of the rally, and one or more are expected to attend the rally.  They will be followed closely by the national media.  This rally is an opportunity for Home Builders to help their National Association of Home Builders to showcase the importance of homeownership and new home construction to America.
The rally, which starts at 1 p.m., is preceded by lunch on the State House grounds at 12 noon.

Please let your HBA of Greenville know your intentions about attending this rally by registering.  We will plan to arrange transportation either by bus or carpool, depending on the level of participation.  Please register as early as possible so we can plan accordingly.  Click here to register at HBAofGreenville.com to participate in the Homeownership Works Rally at the South Carolina State House.