NAHB 2011 Advocacy Value

Ever wonder about the value of your membership in your Home Builders Association?  According to NAHB, the number you are looking for is $5.7 billion.

NAHB Advocacy identified 14 accomplishments that could be evaluated in terms of additions to members’ revenues or reductions in members’ costs.  These accomplishments include Congressional enactment of higher FHA loan limits, defeat of proposed EPA stormwater regulations, and federation victories connected to building code requirements. Many other actions that deferred, deterred or eliminated negative actions on members’ business were reviewed but only those with specific and identifiable outcomes were evaluated. 
NAHB Economics and Housing Policy estimated the impact of the individual accomplishments using data supplied by federal agencies, from NAHB past research or from estimates of impact originally used to support NAHB policy. For actions that affected future production, NAHB’s forecasts for single-family and multifamily production and single-family new home sales were used as a base. For actions affecting workers, NANB’s estimate of 1.5 construction workers per single-family home and 0.5 construction workers per multifamily home were used.