Have you ever wondered how some people just always know how to get the BEST deals? Well, now you can be in the know. Your HBA of Greenville has partnered with National Purchasing Partners (NPP) to save members money on their Verizon telephone plan. 

  • Members save 22 percent on their Verizon monthly access fees

For many of our members, the savings on the monthly access fees exceeds the cost of your annual dues!

In addition, each quarter the program offers special deals you won’t want to miss.  update their deals frequently and often include the most popular brands and services. This quarter Verizon has several promotions to keep your phone up to date and the service to help keep you connected without such a hard tug on your budget. Listed below are the deals for Verizon however, for the most up to date info on the details click here .

    • $100 per line credit for smartphones, netbooks, tablets, and Internet devices
    • $75 per line credit for any basic device
    • Great deals on new phones including push-to-talk devices

    For more information on the NPP program/membership please call  800.810.3909 or email customerservice@mynpp.com.