Occasionally our members share money-saving tips with one another. This one is from Rick Quinn, Quinn Satterfield, regarding the inclusion of trash and sewer fees on bills for temporary water service from the City of Greenville.

The water bill comes from the Greenville Water system for both city and county water meters so the sewer bill is there either way. ReWa will discount the bill by the amount of the sewer for three quarters while the house is under construction but the builder has to call ReWa and they have access to the water system’s billing and can toggle it off. If you don’t have the meter set, or have it removed the bills will end also.

The trash fees can also be toggled off by calling Ed Marr at the city public works department at 467-4335 or by calling Arissa Gaines at the water system’s billing department (she will need to verify with the city that the house is under construction).

After the C.O. has been issued the trash fees will not be avoidable but the sewer and water can be avoided by having the water meter removed.