2-10 HBW and your HBA’s Member Advantage program have aligned to provide members exclusive discounts on specific 2-10 HBW products; Builder Backed Service Program, Front Line Warranty Services and the New Construction Home Warranty Service Agreement. All three products can be purchased as a bundle, or the Builder Backed Service Program and Front Line Warranty Services are available together, or the New Construction Home Warranty Service Agreement may be purchased separately.

The Builder Backed Service Program utilizes the National Association of Home Builders Residential Construction Performance Guidelines, and provides a platform for quick resolution of warranty coverage concerns via 2-10 HBW’s experienced and knowledgeable warranty administration team. Front Line Warranty Services makes 2-10 HBW the first point of contact for home owners and the New Construction Home Warranty Service Agreement protects home owners against major systems and appliances repairs, including parts and labor, once the manufacturer’s warranties expire.

A recent co-sponsored survey by 2-10 HBW and NAHB indicated that 90% of consumers are more likely to buy a home from a builder who offers a warranty.

Visit http://www.2-10.com/nahb or call 855-280-1328 to find out more.