Did you know that the HBA of Greenville has been a partner with Meals on Wheels since 1971? The HBA’s relationship with Meals on Wheels was started by the HBA’s Womens’ Auxiliary, a group organized primarily by the wives of the Home Builders at that time. Since 1971 the HBA has supported Meals on Wheels with contributions and by sponsoring one and sometimes multiple routes.

Today the HBA continues to sponsor a route each Tuesday. Think you may want to help out? Our volunteers generally take the route about once every four to six weeks. It takes about two to three hours to pick up the meals at the Meals on Wheels office and distribute them to about 10 grateful recipients. If you are new to Meals on Wheels, you will need to participate in a short orientation session.

If you are willing to help the HBA with the Meals on Wheels route, please contact Michelle Kish at the HBA Office by calling 864-254-0133 or emailing mkish@hbaofgreenville.com.