Greenville, SC based residential contractor looking for Construction Site Supervisor for Marietta, GA based projects.  The construction site supervisor will assist Project Manager (PM) in overseeing the construction activities taking place on the work site and will be involved in daily supervision of Sub Contractors.  The role is a salaried position and reports directly to the PM.  When supervisor is present, all work crews and individuals on site will take direction from the site supervisor, who is responsible for knowing what work is to be done and implementation of the necessary resources to complete the work.  In concert with the PM, the Construction Site Supervisor will plan, implement and oversee construction efforts at specific worksites. 
Specific Duties and Responsibilities:
·         Insure unit construction schedule is followed and  maintained
·         Immediately communicates any deviations to the schedule to the PM
·         As directed, contacts subs for scheduling of work on project
·         Monitors subcontractor attendance on site
·         Regular inspection of work product for quality control issues, identifies issues and directs necessary repairs
·         Monitor, manage, and direct unit “punch out” including minor carpentry work as needed
·         As directed, meets with buyers on site to demonstrate progress and quality of construction and answer questions.  Any change orders requested will be directed to PM in writing
·         Insures safe conditions on the job site at all times
·         Insures job site is maintained in a clean and orderly fashion with all materials secured and safe from weather
·         Insures subcontractors are parking appropriately as not to inconvenience existing community homeowners or hinder normal community activity
·         Receives material and matches with Obsidian Purchase Orders.  Delivers all packing slips to PM
·         As needed, facilitate with unloading of material
·         Meets with local utility companies to insure proper and timely installation of utilities
·         Schedules and meets local inspectors for progress inspections and reports inspection results to PM
·         Contacts necessary subs to schedule work to remedy any failed inspections
·         Insures timely & proper installation of buyer changes as directed by Obsidian office
Knowledge and Skills:
·         Minimum of 5 years residential construction management experience
·         Excellent written and verbal communication skills
·         Positive attitude and problem solving mentality
·         Ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously
·         Experience managing skilled trades and non-skilled labor
·         Experienced carpenter with own tools
·         Thorough understanding of framing, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, roofing, foundation, carpentry and masonry trades
·         Ability to read and understand blueprints, schematics, and construction documents
·         Understanding of proper safety procedures and recognition of hazards
·         Ability to organize material and labor
·         Knowledge of national and local building codes
·         Proficient using email and basic smart phone technology
·         Annual Salary – Commensurate with experience
·         Monthly  cell phone reimbursement
·         Truck mileage reimbursement
Please forward resumes to the HBA office.