Residential Builders Commission (LLR) Administrator Janet Baumberger, APM, has announced that a license bond must be in place and on file with LLR for the new license term that begins July 1 before a Home Builder can renew his or her residential builders license effective July 1.  

If your license bond expires on June 30, you must renew it now before you can renew online your license if it expires at the end of this month.  In fact, the bond should be renewed quickly so that your bond is delivered LLR before you attempt to renew your license.

Residential Builders whose license expires on June 30 need to move quickly to obtain a new $15,000 license bond and renew their Residential Builders license.  Click on the links below for the information you need to renew your license.
Click here to renew your license at  Don’t forget to download the form to submit your new license bond.
Click here for a list of HBA members who can help you purchase a license bond.  Select Insurance in the Business Activity search criteria area.