The Legislative Committee met yesterday with Ray Orvin, Executive Director of Renewable Water Resources (ReWa), the governmental entity that treats sewage in Greenville, Pickens, and Spartanburg counties.

Orvin reviewed ReWa’s new 20-year strategic plan that was developed by a group of interested citizens called Upstate Roundtable.

Among the issues on which Orvin reported is the ongoing consolidation of sewer treatment plants. Orvin stated that in the last 20 years ReWa has reduced the number of treatment plants in its system from 27 to 8. All 8 are modern facilities that have minimized the impact that sewer has on the environment. He reported that a part of the strategy for the future is to recycle and reuse the treatment effluent. The ultimate goal is to stop discharging completely into our local waters.

Orvin also reported on the relationship with the various subdistricts, which collect sewer and transport it to ReWa. He announced that one of the subdistricts, Slater, will be merging with another subdistrict, Metro, in 2010.

The association was involved in the development of the ReWa strategic plan. Participants from the HBA included Gale Crawford, Past President, Graham Proffitt, Past President, Drew Norwood, J.D. Martin, and Michael Dey, Executive Vice President. Please thank them for volunteering.