Your Home Builders Association exists to serve its members.

Fighting for housing on major policy issues, providing excellent educational programming, and creating outstanding networking opportunities are just some of the ways that your Home Builders Association fulfills that mandate.

In 2014, our actions on the legislative, codes, regulatory and legal fronts, as well as in other arenas, provided members an estimated savings of $6,882 per housing start as the association resolved numerous issues affecting home builders.

When you add up the dollar value of our advocacy victories, you are talking real money – an average of $6,882 per housing start for a typical home builder in 2014.

The value came out of NAHB services and programs, as well as legislative, legal and regulatory wins. Your advocacy team leveraged the association’s power to get pro-housing bills introduced and passed in Congress, challenge regulations that do more harm than good, and level the playing field against powerful interests that could do lasting damage to the housing industry.

These NAHB services, programs and advocacy victories included:

These are just a few examples of how your Home Builders Association is working to serve our members by helping to make your businesses run better and boosting your bottom line.

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