My name is Michael Kurpiel and I am currently serving as NAHB’s National Associate Chairman. I am writing to for a specific reason; I need the help of associate members of the HBA throughout the Federation.

I am requesting for any and all associates, who are experiencing loss of builder business due to the Acquisition, Development, and Construction Lending crisis or appraisals, to share with me any stories you may have that demonstrate the effect that restrictions on lending to Home Builders have had on your businesses. We need to demonstrate to those in power in Washington, DC, that it is not just the builders who are affected, it is the ENTIRE building industry.

Please email me, or the Executive Director of your local HBA, with all information you can share about how the downturn in Home Building has affected your business. I will take all stories you share to NAHB staff in Government Affairs and Public Affairs.

I know how much stress you are all under and that stress is directly tied to lack of building. With the strength of two thirds of our Federation’s members fully behind our builder members, we can move towards a better tomorrow.


Michael Kurpiel, CGA, CGP
Director of Trade Association Relations

National Associate Chairman
National Association of Home Builders