Membership in the HBA of Greenville is a great tool for both networking with in the industry and to consumers. With the Southern Home and Garden Show, event sponsorship opportunities getting you front and center of your target audience, and networking opportunities to meet others in the industry- creating word of mouth for your company and services is easy right? While all of this is GREAT how can you get the most from your membership and see results? It may seem like an easy answer but like most things in life ” you get what you put in”. Involvement is key and keeps your business and services on the forefront of every ones mind from staff, to HBA board members, and even right here on our blog or facebook page.
So, while every one is busy these days here are a few things that you can do from the comfort of your office to help get the most out of your membership.
1) Make sure that your listing is correct on our website and in our database- Name of business and business activities (you can have up to 3)
* This helps consumers and staff make sure that the services you provide pull up correctly on the website and database when looking for say a realtor, remodeler of historic homes, etc.

2) Create a website or facebook page and make sure that it is listed with us.

3) Check out the discounts offered by visiting our website HBA of Greenville there are some great discounts available. 

4) Check out our Wednesday Webinars through NAHB, these are a great way to stay informed on what is happening in the Building industry and the best part is you don’t have to leave your office to learn something new.

So while involvement is a big part of membership and a great way to see results there are other ways to make sure that your membership is working for you.