Your Home Builders Association finished the 2017 legislative session with a mix of accomplishments and work that remains to be completed.  The 2017 session is the first year of a two-year session, so legislation that was not completed in 2017 is eligible for consideration beginning in January 2018 when the General Assembly returns to Columbia.

Key issues on which your Home Builders Association worked include:

  • Business License Reform
    • Status: H3650 was recommitted to committee
  • Homeowners Association Reform
    • Status: H3886 has passed the House and awaits action in the Senate
  • S.C. Building Codes Reform
    • S.579 has been introduced and awaits a hearing in the Senate
  • S.C. Infrastructure Funding
    • Funding for road improvements, including a gasoline tax increase, took effect July 1
  • Workforce Development Initiative
    • Be Pro, Be Proud project failed to receive funding at the 11th hour after inclusion in the budget throughout most of the process

A full report of your HBA’s work at the South Carolina General Assembly, on behalf of our Housing Agenda, can be found here.