Home Works of America has announced a task force that will act in December to help repair the homes of flood victims in Columbia. They need volunteers to help supervise the work. Please see their press release with more details below:

December 28-30 – In response to the historic flooding in October 2015, Home Works of America in partnership with the Building Industry Association and St. Bernard Project has repurposed the December home repair session and will designate all efforts to address the needs of flood victims who have not received help. Volunteers needed for supervision of job sites and preliminary assessments and repair of mechanical systems of selected homes. For more information click here or contact R.B. Gallup, BIA Task Force Member.

More than $110,000 has been donated by individuals, corporations, and foundations – which will be used to offset materials/supplies and direct costs for these repairs.
For more information about the goals of the Task Force (including United Way of the Midlands, Mungo Homes, AARP of SC, Habitat for Humanity, the BIA of Central SC, the Electric Cooperatives of SC) as well as key donor partners without which none of this would be possible, please contact Jim Powell, Executive Director. Press releases with specific information will be forthcoming.