As you many know, things are moving on the homebuyer tax credit and now it appears that there may be a vote on it as early as next week in the US Senate. We’re not sure about what that bill will look like just yet – there are a lot of bills, proposals and rumors swirling about. (See the last post in this blog for just one proposal on an amendment to a current bill.)

In preparation for next week, we need your help now to build our army. Some 50,000 people have already taken action through the Fix Housing First website, a testament to how important the tax credit has been to our economy. But we need more – it just takes a second and a few clicks to help us help your industry!

Please join the Fix Housing First coalition by clicking here. Once you join the coalition, make sure to take a few minutes to contact your Senators to let them know how important it is to the future of housing and our economy that the tax credit is extended and expanded.