It’s “SAFE” to say that Friday, September 7th was a great day in which Stageberg Builders beat out the Greer State Bank Giants and the Vass Markets Bull Dogs in a 3 game tournament to take the HBA Championship. It was a great afternoon at Butler Springs Park and there were some great plays by several players including the HBA staffs own Michael Dey who hit a triple and was cheered on by his Vass Markets team garnering the white and red jersey. The event was sponsored by Progress Lighting and there was a BBQ dinner hosted by the HBA of Greenville afterward.
The team rosters were as follows.  
Stageberg Builders: Joe Hoover, Silas Lewis, Rhett Hancock, Mark Pittman, Skylar Jackson, Greg Gambrell, Nick Campbell, Nick Klaus, and Dan Stageberg- team captain.
Vass Markets, Bull Dogs: Clay Guthrie, Todd Voyer, Keith Goodson, Brian De Young, Michael Dey, Thomas De Young, Will, Dawson, and Kathy Vass- team captain.
Greer State Bank, Giants: Michael Galloway, Mark Galloway, Alex Galloway, Jimmy Francis, Tim Kallainen, Justin Kalliainen, Joy Kamees, Mindi Calvery, Robin Williams, Dee Bowen, Blake Presley, and Scott Presley- team captain.

                                                     The winning team, Stageburg Builders! (above)

Until next year! Thank you to all the participants and to Progress Lighting for their sponsorship.