The Greenville Water System adopted a new policy on Irrigation Meters that will save home builders installing irrigation systems more than $1,320 per house and homeowners hundreds of dollars a year in sewer treatment fees.  The Irrigation Meter Policy was adopted September 10, 2013.

The policy allows builders into install a “Y” fitting at the end of a standard water main tap and install two meters on the tap.  Both meters may be installed in a common box.  The builder will pay a tap fee of $100, two meter fees totaling, $700, but just one capacity fee of $1,320, rather than two capacity fees.  If water service already exists and a second meter is being installed on an existing tap, the meter fee for the second meter is $500, but the capacity fee is waived (the contractor has the option of excavating and back filling the meter location, in which case the meter fee is discounted by $150).  Both meters must be installed on the same tap, however.  Larger taps will have a different fee structure, but the capacity fee is still waived if both meters are on a common tap.

A condition of the new policy is that the irrigation system must be governed by a weather-based controller tied to a rain sensor.

This policy change is the product of ongoing and regular discussions HBA staff and the Government Affairs Committee are having with Greenville Water System officials.  Similar discussion are ongoing with other utilities, municipalities, counties, and school districts.  All are the dividend the Home Builders Association produces for its members.

Click here to download the Irrigation Meter Policy and instructions.