At its May meeting the Greenville Water Commission restored its previously adopted policy on extending new water lines that had been suspended by CEO David Bereskin.  In the same action, however, the commission increase the fee for extending water lines to $30 per linear foot from $20 per foot.  Under the policy the commission bears the complete responsibility and cost for extending water lines which can cost upwards of $70 per foot, but average about $36 per foot.

The HBA of Greenville agreed to the fee increase.

The commission and its staff will work with the HBA to develop a new line extension policy.  The commission would prefer that developers bear the responsibility and cost for extending water lines.  The HBA leans toward maintaining the current policy.  “It is always our objective to work with government to solve problems in a manner that produces the best result for all parties,” Michael Dey, Executive Vice President of the HBA of Greenville said.  “We will work with the commission to develop a new policy in a manner consistent with our government affairs objectives.”