Problem: The demand for copper is increasing globally, which has led to increased cost and an increase in thefts for scrapping. Copper theft poses serious safety hazards to the public and workers and grid reliability during power outages. Economically it is costly to replace and repair damaged equipment.

Techniques to Combat Copper Theft:

  1. Motion Detection
  2. Cameras
  3. Lights/Motion Sensors
  4. Digital Video recording
  5. Proximity card readers
  6. Metal Detectors
  7. Gates/Locks- secure AC units with padlocks and chains so thieves can’t reach metal.
  8. Link control room to surveillance sites
    • Create real-time control and communications with intercom.
  9. Record serial numbers in case the entire unit is stolen
  10. Patrol Area more frequently.
  11. Repair and replace weaknesses in fences
  12. Install hardened padlocks
  13. Install signs to warn intruders of surveillance and trespassing.
  14. Insure roof-top areas with ladder access are securely locked.
  15. Keep shrubbery around gutters and downspouts pruned and trimmed.
    • This eliminates hiding places and improves visibility from the road.
  16. Call 9-1-1 to report damage/thefts right away to insure the timeliest theft tracking.

Remember to report any units you might have which appear to have been damaged.