The recent cool weather recently may belie that we have officially entered summer, but now is a great opportunity to refresh your home. Simple home improvements made now can help you avoid significant repairs and costly utility bills later.

Temperature Check: Installing a programmable thermostat can help you save on heating and cooling costs. You can customize your indoor temperature throughout the day, which usually leads to lower utility costs. Celling fans are another energy-efficient way to feel cooler on hot days without spending a lot on utilities.

Heating and Cooling: Have you replaced your filter lately?  If your air conditioner is in good shape, adding curtains, shades, or blinds to windows help keep your home cool by blocking out the sun’s intense rays, which can warm your home’s interior.

Replace Windows: New windows can also increase your energy efficiency and provide a return on investment. If old windows are replaced now, the new ones will help prevent heat gain this summer and heat loss during the winter. If you already have new windows, cleaning them will help refresh your home’s exterior.

Pressure Wash: A thorough exterior cleaning can help your home shine. Winter and spring storms cause debris and dirt to build up on the exterior of your home. Pressure wash to remove dirt, mildew, and unwelcomed residue. While you have the machine rented, clean walkways and decks to help your home stand out from the rest.

Landscape: Planting trees and pruning shrubs can brighten the exterior of your home. Before the heat of the summer takes over your lawn, check the condition of your sprinklers and garden irrigation for optimal use.

Inspect and Clean Your Dryer Vents: Dryer vents get clogged with lint, which can cause your dryer to perform poorly, has the unwanted effect of adding unnecessary heat to your home, and, of course, could be a fire hazard. While the weather is pleasant, inspect and clean the vent from inside and outside your home – and of course, clean the lint screen after every load.

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