Gabriel Builders Wins 2014 Builder Partnerships Achievement Award in Customer Satisfaction

Gabriel Builders received a National award at the 2014 International Builders Show in Las Vegas.  Gabriel Builders has achieved the level of: Distinction in Customer Satisfaction from Woodland, O’Brien & Scott, and Builder Partnerships.

Gabriel Builders scored enough points on the process evaluation and referral rates to qualify for the Builder Partnerships Achievement Award in Customer Satisfaction. This year’s applicants were evaluated based on three criteria, willingness to refer, the customer experience, and the referral rate.

The Willingness to Refer was the hurdle to qualify for the review process. Once builders cleared the 88 percent required Willingness to Refer rate, they were then evaluated on the other criteria which required an in-depth review of processes and documentation.

“We are honored to be recognized by Builder Partnerships for an Achievement Award in Customer Satisfaction,” says Gus Rubio, president of Gabriel Builders. ” We work hard, everyday, to produce some of the highest referral rates from our customers in the industry. We are blessed to work with wonderful clients who enjoy our exacting standards for production.”

Gus Rubio is a member of the Board of Directors of your Home Builders Association.

Congratulations to all the employees at Gabriel that made this happen