Two window replacement contractors recently agreed to pay civil penalties totaling over $50,000 in administrative actions taken by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for failing to provide the agency’s “Renovate Right” brochure to “at least 37” residents and property owners prior to the completion of services rendered.

In both cases, the companies were cited for failing to distribute the brochure as required rather than for ignoring specific steps and measures for containment and clean-up mandated by the EPA. Both cases involved a paperwork audit.

Eleven states are now administering their own audits. According to a source at the EPA, the agency has yet to take legal action against contractors for specifically violating the Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) containment and clean-up rules.

A press release regarding the mentioned legal actions, posted to the EPA’s website, fueled speculation that the agency may be stepping up audits and possibly even on-site inspections in connection with RRP enforcement.

Check for Lead, a Florida-based online supplier of materials for contractors involved with lead-safe renovation, launched a website in which contractors seeking information about EPA audits in their area may view a map that flags locations where EPA audits can be verified as having taken place and gain insight from those who have already gone through the audit process themselves. To see Check for Lead’s map, click here. To date no enforcement actions have been verified in South Carolina by the website.