Dr. David Crowe

In a special edition of Housing Now, Dr. David Crowe discusses the current state of the housing market, and his current forecast for 2015.

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Dr. Crowe is projecting the following for 2015:

  • Remodeling: 3.2 percent increase over 2014, which will fall 2 percent over 2013.
  • Multifamily: Up 3 percent in 2015 following a 14 percent jump in 2014.
  • Single Family: Up 35 percent in 2015 following a 5 percent increase in 2014.

Crowe Comments that Single Family is still just a little more than half recovered in terms of a level he considers normal. However, he projects South Carolina to be in the top 20 percent of states at the end of 2015, and above historically normal levels.