Did you know that in Greenville County there exists 28 special purpose governmental districts just for fire service?  Those 28 districts operate 80 fire stations, and only three of those fire stations are shared.  In fact, the districts operate three different training facilities.  And 22 of the districts have elected boards.  The remaining six are appointed by the county legislative delegation.

All of the fire districts rely heavily on property tax milage for funding, which prompted Greenville County Council to form a task force to review and develop a new method for adjusting the districts’ millages.  The resulting plan, which goes next to several committees of County Council, calls for a millage increases for fire districts to be subject to a referendum.  The proposal also requires that all fire districts produce audited financial statements before requesting millage increases.

Your Home Builders Association of Greenville has taken the position that there are too many special purpose districts in the county and that they are an anachronism of a time when the county legislative delegation governed the county, which ended more than 30 years.  The association’s position is that the various special purpose districts should be consolidated by common purpose, like fire or sewer.