A recent analysis by NAHB shows how the Greenville are stacks up against other communities in the US when comparing owner-occupied and single-family housing statistics.  Did you know:

  • Greenville ranks 99 in the nation in population, with 619,832 in an area that encompasses Pickens County as well.
  • Greenville ranks 96 in owner-occupied housing units, with 164,688 owner-occupied homes.
  • Greenville ranks 155 in homeownership rate.  The Greenville area homeownership rate is 68.2 percent.
  • Greenville ranks 303 in vacancy rate with 3.7 percent of owner-occupied homes standing vacant.
  • Greenville ranks 271 in percent of single-family detached housing, with 82.1 percent of is housing stock classified as single-family detached.
  • Greenville ranks 228 in median home value.  The median value of a home in Greenville is $142,600.
  • Greenville ranks 260 in median income of homeowners.  The median income of homeowners in Greenville is $54,549.
  • Greenville ranks 71 in the nation in homes built in 2005 or later.  According to NAHB’s report, 11.2 percent of homes in Greenville were built since 2005.
  • The percent of owner-occupied homes in Greenville fell 1.7 percent.  Greenville ranks 235 in the nation in the percent increase in owner-occupied homes.