The National Association of Home Builders and a group of 18 other trade associations representing business leaders and millions of employers across the nation today submitted written testimony refuting the myth that immigration hurts American workers and the economy during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing examining this topic.

Separating truth from fiction, the business coalition debunked the following falsehoods:

Myth: Lowering the number of immigrants would free up jobs for American workers.
Fact: Immigration helps create jobs for American workers

Myth: Foreign workers take one in five jobs in America.
Fact: Americans fill more than 91% of all jobs in America.

Myth: Lesser-skilled immigrants take jobs away from Americans without college degrees.
Fact: The data show that immigration does not negatively impact American workers without college degrees. In fact, lesser-skilled immigrants create jobs for Americans and grow crucial sectors of our economy.

Employment projects for 2012-2022 by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics show that the construction sector is expected to grow by more than 20%, nearly double the overall national average.

“Indeed, some sectors have seen rising labor shortages, presenting significant industry challenges,” the group’s written testimony stated. “For example, the number of open construction sector jobs as of December 2014 (147,000) stands post-recession highs, and the job open rate exceeds that prior to the housing boom. Lesser-skilled immigrants help to fill labor shortages in these industries, creating jobs for Americans and helping those industries grow.”

As the debate on Capitol Hill continues, your Home Builders Association is urging lawmakers to support comprehensive immigration reform that will:

  • Safeguard our borders;
  • Establish a fair employment verification system; and
  • Create a market-based visa system that will allow more immigrants to legally enter the construction workforce as the housing industry gains momentum and the demand for workers increases.

View the complete written testimony here.