Spring and summer are popular seasons for home improvement projects, which is why tackling these projects in the winter may be a good idea. While it may seem that more people tend to relax and stay warm inside their homes during this cold season, home improvement professionals are in business year-round. Winter is an excellent time to catch these busy professionals at a time of year when they may have room in their schedule for your project.

Here are a few projects to consider during this winter season:

Get a new roof. Even though winter and roofing can seem counterintuitive, replacing your roof in the winter may make the most sense. The light schedule might just be your ticket into getting your roof replaced before the peak seasons of spring and summer.

Replace your windows. If your windows need replacing, winter reminds you of it every day, so why not tackle it now? It might take a little longer as the contractor takes steps to minimize heat loss in your home, but you will feel the results as soon as the job is done.

Paint a room. Spending more time indoors might draw your attention to dingy walls. For the “do-it-yourselfer,” the dry winter air makes it an ideal time to paint. If you don’t want to do the painting yourself, you may find a few painting contractors with openings in their calendars. Make sure the walls and the paint are warm enough so that the paint will stick well. Paint cans will tell you the temperatures for best adhesion.

Refinish wood floors. As with painting, you will want to somewhat ventilate to manage the fumes from the product that the refinisher will use. If you plan to stay in your home during the project, be sure to check out refinishers who use sandless techniques.

Tackle your fading landscape. In the Upstate, our winter weather is generally not that harsh. Now is a great time to contract with a landscaper to build the hardscape you have been planning, or to renovate your lawn.

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