The City of Greenville Planning Commission drafted an ordinance limiting infill development activities. The commission was poised to hold a hearing on the legislation until City Council, at at your HBA’s urging, stepped in and slowed down the process.

The City Council appointed a task force that includes two home builders, two remodelers, two Realtors, an engineer, an architect, three members of City Council, the Chairman of the Planning Commission, and five representatives of neighborhood associations. The following are members of the HBA or Greater Greenville Association of Realtors who serve on the task force:

  • Bruce Felton (Sadler Company)
  • Trey Cole (O’Leary Cole)
  • Matt Ruth (Mobius Construction)
  • David Crigler (C. Dan Joyner Realtors)
  • Amanda Jones (Coldwell Banker Caine)
  • Michael Dey (HBA)

To date the task force has met three times. The most recent meeting was a bus tour around Greenville to look at various infill projects and some of the problems that have been identified. The task force will meet every other week through March and develop recommendations for City Council.