The Rise of Aging-in-Place Remodeling

The Rise of Aging-in-Place Remodeling

A recent poll by the National Association of Home Builders shows that older Americans are choosing to stay in their current homes as they age, rather than downsize or relocate as they have in the past.

That is a major driver in the continued growth of “aging-in-place” remodeling. This technique involves making home modifications — big or small — to help the homeowner live safely in their home as they age and experience changes in their health or mobility.

The “desire for better or newer amenities” and the “need to repair or replace old components” still lead the list of reasons to remodel. As our nation’s population gets older, and in particular as Baby Boomers get older, aging-in-place remodeling has become more popular.

According to the remodelers who were surveyed, some of the aging-in-place remodeling projects that have increased in popularity the most include:

  • Grab bars in showers and near toilets
  • Elevated toilets
  • Curbless entry showers
  • Widened hallways and doorways
  • Additional lighting


If you are considering updating your current home or want a new home that better meets your needs as you age, consider an Approved Professional Builder for your project.  Approved Professional Builders are screened by the Home Builders Association of Greenville to ensure that they:

  • Maintain appropriate levels of insurance
  • Free of unresolved judgements for at least one year
  • Offer a warranty
  • Use a written contract
  • Have the appropriate licenses


This, of course, is just a starting point for your search for a home builder. You should check references and review a contractor’s previous projects, but why not get a head start by considering builders who are approved by the Home Builders Association of Greenville?


To learn more about the Approved Professional program at the Home Builders Association of Greenville, visit

Three Simple Ways to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Three Simple Ways to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Spring is the best time to revitalize your home’s exterior, which means now is the time to give your home some extra attention. Updating your home’s curb appeal is a great home improvement project that also adds value.


There are many low-cost updates you can tackle yourself. In fact, home exterior projects can be relatively affordable and simple to complete.


Before you dive into your first project, objectively evaluate the appearance of your home. Try looking at the front of your house from a home buyer’s perspective. What characteristics are immediately eye-catching? You will want to highlight the features you first identified.


Here are three common exterior improvement ideas to help get you started:



Determine what type of lighting will enhance the look, and safety, of your home. Common exterior lighting includes pathway, landscaping, porch, and security lights. If you are adding a front porch fixture, make sure the size is proportionate to your space to create a sleek and inviting look. The fixture you select also should provide proper illumination. Also, check the availability of outdoor outlets; you may need to consider solar powered outdoor lighting.



Does the paint look faded, chipped, and cracked? Or worse, is the color out of date?  Simply changing the color of the front door, garage door, windows, and trim can refresh the exterior of your home. If your door is weather worn or beyond repair, consider replacing it. While purchasing a new door is an expense, it adds instant curb appeal.



A well-manicured lawn can make all the difference in beautifying your home. If your yard needs attention, start with a basic clean-up. Prune trees, trim shrubs, and remove weeds to give your yard a fresh look. Adding new plants and flowers will add more flourish, but select plants carefully to reduce future maintenance. There are plenty of ways to keep your grass healthy and green. Find low-maintenance lawn care tips at


If you are considering updating your current home, or want a new home, consider an Approved Professional Builder. Visit for more information.

Upstate Remodelers Honored with Bridge Awards Just in Time for National Home Remodeling Month

Upstate Remodelers Honored with Bridge Awards Just in Time for National Home Remodeling Month

Bathrooms overtook kitchens as the most popular remodeling project, according to a new survey by the National Association of Home Builders. According to the survey of remodelers nationwide, 81 percent reported the most common remodeling project was the bathroom, followed by 78 percent who said the kitchen.

May is National Home Remodeling Month—just in time for the Home Builders Association of Greenville to honor some of the Upstate’s Approved Professional Remodelers with awards at its annual Bridge Awards Gala, presented by GBS Building Supply, for craftsmanship and professional excellence in home remodeling.

Bridge Award Winners: Remodeling Craftsmanship presented by Jeff Lynch Appliance and TV Center

Full Home Remodel, $100,000 to $250,000:

Best Overall, Best Kitchen, Best Exterior, and Best Bathroom

Hadrian Construction Company, Inc., Sevier Street


Full Home Remodel, $250,000 to $500,000:

Best Overall, Best Bath

Hadrian Construction Company, Inc., Grove Road

Best Exterior

Stageberg Builders, Inc., Alaska Avenue

Best Kitchen

Smith and Webb Custom Crafted Homes, Chapman Road


Full Home Remodel, More than $500,000:

Best Overall, Best Kitchen, and Best Exterior

CarsonSpeer Builders, Stratton Place

Best Bathroom

CarsonSpeer Builders, League Road


Partial Home Remodel:

Best Overall

Stageberg Builders, Silver Creek Road

Best Innovation of Space

CarsonSpeer Builders, Collins Creek Road

Highest Degree of Difficulty

CarsonSpeer Builders, Rockbridge Road


Palmetto Exterminators Remodeler of the Year

The 2018 Palmetto Exterminators Remodeler of the Year is Mike Freeman, APB, ACA/Freewood Contractors.


Why Hire an Approved Professional Remodeler?

Your Home Builders Association has helped you take the guesswork out of hiring a contractor to improve your home. Approved Professional Remodelers are verified annually to meet high standards of professionalism. Learn more about our standards and start your search for a contractor by selecting an Approved Professional Remodeler. Visit to get started.

Remodel or Relocate? Questions to Help You Find Your Answer

You really want a new kitchen and a living room that has not become the playroom. You seem to have too many people and not enough bathrooms, and ultimately, you will need a safer and more accessible home as you age. You are ready to make a change, but you need to decide: remodel or relocate?

There is no one right answer for every situation. Before you look at houses for sale, or draw up plans to remodel or add on, think about the approach that best meets your wants and that can help you determine what is the best plan of action.

Answering these questions can help you decide:

Do you like your neighborhood? Do your friends and your children’s’ friends live there? Is your favorite park or coffee shop nearby? Are the schools the right fit for your family? Or do you wish you lived closer to work, with a park nearby, as well as a neighborhood restaurant and pub?

How does your home compare in value to others in the neighborhood? Will your remodel make your home the most expensive on the street? Is a house that fits your needs more important than resale if you are planning on living there a long time?

How long do you expect a new space to meet your needs? If your children are making your house feel small, consider their age. How much longer do you expect them to live at home? Do you need more square footage now? Or can you wait a couple of years before downsizing?

What is your tolerance for living in a construction zone? Based on your list of needs, how long and disruptive will the remodeling process be? Temporary housing is expensive, but so is moving to a new home. There are costs for closing, fixing up your current house to sell, moving and even making your new home your own.

What’s the market like for the home you want? How likely are you to find a place you can afford, with the features you want and in the neighborhood you prefer?

Weigh these factors and decide whether you want to remodel or relocate.

Start Planning for the Southern Home and Garden Show
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Resolutions for Your Home Will Ring in Lasting Satisfaction

Resolutions for Your Home Will Ring in Lasting Satisfaction

For most people, New Year’s resolutions are for self-improvement such as exercising and losing weight. Why not try something different this year? This year, instead of, or perhaps in addition to that, consider resolving to improve your home. A completed home improvement project, even a simple one, will make a noticeable difference that will last.

For example, resolve to:

Lay the groundwork. Is it obvious where people walk in your house? Maybe it’s time to refinish your floors or replace the carpet. A refreshed expanse underfoot brightens the whole room.

Throw on some color. Revitalize a tired bathroom with a fresh new paint color. You could also add pizzazz to your dining room with bold wallpaper.

Light it up. Lower your utility bill and help the planet by replacing light bulbs with LEDs, or light up a shadowy span of countertop with a stick-on LED strip under the cabinet. Lastly, consider replacing a dated fixture over your dining table or kitchen island with an engaging pendant light.

Tidy up. Clean out a storage space by clearing off that table right inside the door. Empty the “you name it” drawer in the kitchen and go through the linen closet to donate the old towels and sheets to an animal shelter for bedding. Then, take three items out of the garage and donate them to Goodwill. This just might stimulate a deeper cleaning next weekend.

Look ahead. Think about what you want in the next five to ten years. Will your kids soon be teens? If so, consider fixing up the basement area as a movie area. Are there changes you can start now that will make your home more usable as you age? A project as simple as replacing round door knobs with levered handles will help. Even remodeling your bathroom with a no-threshold shower is something to think about.

Whether you embark on a quick DIY project that takes a few hours or an entire renovation, or whether you choose to do it yourself or bring in an Approved Professional Builder—home improvements will reward you while you are challenged to keep your other New Year’s resolutions.

Start Planning for the Southern Home and Garden Show
The professionals who can help you with your home improvement projects will be exhibiting at the Southern Home and Garden Show March 1-3 at the Greenville Convention Center. Make plans to attend now by visiting

New Year, New-To-You Home

New Year, New-To-You Home

Featured Home of the Week from the Upstate Parade of Homes: The Cambridge at Braxton Ridge by Aurthur Rutenberg Homes.

By Matt Shouse, APB, President, Home Builders Association of Greenville and Partner, LS Homes

It is the New Year, and you would like to rejuvenate your home. You are not going to move walls or add on. But you would like to breathe some new life into where you live. Here are a few easy updates that will make your house seem instantly new to you.

Paint the trim. Refresh your main living space by painting the trim. Crisp baseboards and moldings go a long way to revitalizing the whole room.

Replace or recover a piece of furniture. Even one new chair or a reupholstered sofa can refresh an entire room. Create a new focal point with a new coffee table, mirror, or area rug. Even without new furnishings or upholstery, rearranging your furniture will breathe new life into a room.

Add fresh accessories. Pillows and throws can quickly change a room’s style by adding vibrant colors or calming neutrals, while also enhancing warmth and comfort. Floor-to-ceiling drapes just outside a window’s width expand a room up and out.

Make your home a little smarter. There are a variety of economical smart-home hubs to choose from today.  It is easier than ever to take that first step into the world of smart-home living. From there you can add smart appliances, door locks, garage door opener, thermostat, and home security system.

Give a small bathroom a new character. Bright-colored walls really make a small bathroom pop, and feel larger. Meanwhile, colors and patterns can overwhelm a large room, so go the other way and make a larger bathroom an oasis of serenity with light blue-grey walls.

Look at lighting with new eyes. Is there an area that could use more light? A warmer glow? Add a lamp to a table in a dim corner to open up the room.  Pendant lights are not just for dining areas — a stylish pendant fixture hanging next to the arm of the sofa or guest bed is an object of interest as well as a source of light. In the kitchen, install LED strip lighting under cabinets where work surfaces below could use a little illumination.

For more information about taking the next step and remodeling your home, and to find an Approved Professional Remodeler to help you with your project, visit