H.R. 2112 Restores FHA Mortgage Loan Limits
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On September 30, 2011, Congress allowed the conforming loan limits for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Federal Housing Administration (FHA) to shrink. The failure of Congress and the Obama Administration to act on the loan limits extension is the beginning of an effort to greatly reduce the federal government’s role in housing.

Over the last few weeks, Congress has been hard at work crafting language to restore conforming loan limits. H.R. 2112 is an appropriations bill that allows the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) mortgage loan limits to be restored to their previous levels. Congress will be voting on H.R. 2112 later this week. Restoring the loan limits will provide consumers in all markets access to safe, affordable mortgage financing.

In the Upstate, the FHA conforming loan limits were reduced in Greenville, Pickens, and Laurens counties, but not in the rest of the Upstate.

Housing markets remain fragile. Restoring the limits will provide stability, while private investors reenter the market.

Click here to see the impacts of the lower FHA loan limits by county

Talking Point:

  • Support H.R. 2112 to stabilize housing prices and the mortgage market. 

Ways to Act:

  • Write to your members of Congress via Capitol Connect;
  • Call your members of Congress at (866) 924-NAHB (6242). 

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