It is that time of year again for you to recommend a member for our annual Builder of the Year Award, Associate of the Year Award, and Remodeler of the Year Award. The awards are given to a members who freely gives of his or her time, efforts and participation in order to make the HBA of Greenville a stronger organization for all of its members. These members serve the industry through participation on HBA Committees and with special projects of the Home Builders Association. Each represents the highest level of integrity and honesty in the home building industry. Below is a list of recent recipients:

Builder of the Year:

  • Thomas Dillard, 2011
  • Brad Thompson, 2010
  • Todd Usher, 2009
  • Rick Quinn, 2008
  • Ted Smith, 2007
  • Coleman Shouse, 2006
  • Ted Smith/Ron Taylor, 2005
  • Keith Smith, 2004
  • Jim Gregorie, 2003
  • Dan Rawls, 2002
  • Clyde Rector, 2001
  • Bill Fuller, 2000

Richard A. Ashmore, Sr., Associate of the Year:
The Board of Directors has renamed the Associate of the Year Award the Richard A. Ashmore, Sr., Associate of the Year Award. Richard Ashmore was President of Ashmore Brothers Inc. He was a member of the HBA of Greenville until his death in 2011, and was inducted in to the S.C. Housing Hall of Fame.

  • Jason Freeman, 2011
  • Scott Presley, 2010
  • Eric Hedrick, 2009
  • Chuck Childress, 2008
  • Tom Ward, 2007
  • Scott Presley, 2006
  • Lou Hutchings, 2005
  • Richard Powers, 2004
  • Sandy Wiygul-Bell, 2003
  • Robert Murphy, 2002
  • Gary Gilliam, 2001
  • Richard Powers, 2000

Remodler of the Year:
The Board of Directors also voted to bring back the Remodeler of the Year Award, which has not been awarded in more than 10 years.  The recipient should derive his or her primary business from residential or commercial remodeling activities.

In addition, these awards also may be given to members of the association:

  • Community Service Award
  • Sales and Marketing Award
  • Membership Award
  • Spirit of the HBA Award
  • Committee Chairman of the Year Award
  • Rookie of the Year Award

These awards may be given to a political or community leader:

  • Distinguished Service Award
  • HBASC Champion of Housing Award

If you know of a member or other person who should receive one of these awards, please send your nomination to Michael Dey at  Your nomination will be confidential.