C. Dan Joyner

The Home Builders Association of South Carolina announced today that C. Dan Joyner will be inducted posthumously into the S.C. Housing Hall of Fame.  Joyner, who died in January, was founder and CEO of Prudential C. Dan Joyner Realty.

The induction ceremony will take place September 20 in Columbia, S.C.

C. Dan Joyner’s contributions to the housing industry are varied and stem from his success in building one of the largest real estate brokerage firms in the United States. However, his business success is not the story that defines C. Dan Joyner. How he gave back is what defines C. Dan Joyner. No one knows how much he and his businesses contributed to various causes, but a conservative estimate would put his financial contributions in the millions. He supported efforts to boost Greenville, from community and economic development to tourism to human service. He supported his church, his profession and industry, and the arts. He led more than 20 community and professional organizations during his career.

His community and his profession have been generous with their honors as well. He received more than a dozen significant honors; the highest was the Order of the Palmetto.

Even as a young man, C. Dan Joyner was clearly destined to be a leader. His leadership and honors started at Greenville High School, followed him to Furman University where he was Student Body President, and then to the U.S. Army where he spent three years as an officer in military intelligence.

C. Dan Joyner contributed directly to the HBA of Greenville with two terms as a Director. He also served on numerous committees and task forces and was instrumental in its growth during its early years. He is listed on the HBA of Greenville’s membership roles for as far back as records exist. He encouraged his agents and brokers to maintain memberships in the association. In addition, Prudential C. Dan Joyner has been a regular sponsor of HBA of Greenville events and fundraisers.

C. Dan Joyner’s primary support to the housing industry was through his strong and unwavering support for the Association of Realtors at the local, state, and national levels, as well as the industry’s ambassador to dozens of community organizations in various leadership roles:

  • President, Greater Greenville Association of Realtors (two terms) 
  • Regional Vice President and President of the South Carolina Association of Realtors 
  • Regional Vice President and Director of the National Association of Realtors 
  • President, Greenville Multiple Listing Service 
  • President, Real Estate Education Foundation 

C. Dan Joyner is a lifelong resident of Greenville. He earned his college degree from Furman University. He devoted his life and career to building a successful real estate business that had a profound effect on the real estate market in the Upstate. He listed as one of is greatest accomplishments, “finding homes for people.” His brokerage literally makes a market for real estate in the Upstate, which benefits home building and housing profoundly.

More significant than his business success, C. Dan Joyner was the eternal optimist. Everyone was his “buddy,” and he was the Cheerleader and Chief of Greenville. No one was more passionate about Greenville than C. Dan Joyner. He was one of the driving forces behind elevating Greenville South Carolina from a sleepy textile town into one of the most admired communities in America.

He would tell you, however, that his most fulfilling role was that of a devoted husband and father. He and his beloved wife, Kat, celebrated 53 years of marriage. They have three children; Danny Joyner, Lynn Freemon, and Beth Crigler; eight grandchildren, and two great grandchildren. He was a loving and caring man who enjoyed spending time with his family.

C. Dan Joyner left an indelible mark on Greenville and the Upstate, and his passing has left a significant hole in our community. His legacy of leadership and giving is truly unmatched. He showed the world how housing professionals give generously, and consistently, to their community.