The S.C. General Assembly has signed off on a new Residential Building Code for South Carolina, the 2015 IRC. It takes effect on July 1, 2016!

Your HBA held a Building Codes Class on this new building code in February, so many of you are already prepared. For those of you who are not, below are opportunities we are developing in the next couple of months to get you ready:

  • John McLeod, Chief Building Official for Greenville County, will host a workshop on the new codes on Tuesday, June 28, 9 a.m. until 11 a.m., in Conference Room D, Greenville County Square. He will review and highlight the important code changes and of course offer his enforcement interpretations.
  • Your HBA is working with John and Buddy Skinner, Chief Building Official for the City of Greenville, on a second opportunity in early July. 
  •  And your HBA will also have Andy Barber, HBA of South Carolina Building Codes Chairman, back in Greenville in early August for a repeat of the four-hour code training class he offered in February.
Note that the new building code is effective for permits issued on or after July 1. Houses already permitted or for which a permit was applied for on or before June 30 will still be subject to the 2012 IRC.

Note, however, that you may find that several of the statewide code amendments that were secured by your Home Builders Association make the new code an improvement in many respects. You can review the statewide amendments by clicking here.

Code Books Available Through Your HBA

Your HBA can help you receive the ICC member discount on code books, thanks to Buddy Skinner who has offered to place the order for us. If you would like to order your code book in this manner, please review the code book options at and email your code book requests to Your order is due by June 28 at 5 p.m. Plan on a week for the code books to be delivered.