Builder Ballot: Municipal Elections are November 5

General Election: Tuesday, November 5
City Council Elections

Polling Hours: 7 a.m. until 7 p.m.
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Election day for city councils and other municipal offices is tomorrow, Tuesday, November 5. If you are registered to vote, please plan to go to the polls. Not registered to vote? Why not?

Builder Ballot
The Political Education Committee has screened these candidates and offers these positions on their candidacies:

Greenville City Council, Mayor

  • Knox White, Republican, Incumbent, Recommended

Mayor White is running unopposed.

Greenville City Council, District 1 (seat is being vacated by Councilwoman Amy Ryberg-Doyle)

Greenville City Council, At-large

Mauldin City Council, Mayor (Non-Partisan)

The committee did not interview the other candidates in this race.

S.C. Builders PAC has contributed to the following candidates:

  • Matt Johnson (D), Greenville City Council District 1
  • George Fletcher (R)(incumbent), Greenville City Council At-Large
  • Dennis Raines (incumbent), City of Mauldin, Mayor

The Process
Your Home Builders Association has formed two Political Action Committees that raise money from our members, screen candidates, and make contributions to the campaigns of the candidates. The Political Education Committee members screen the candidates and recommend scores and campaign contributions to the Board of Directors and the PAC Trustees. Their recommendations are based on the candidates’ positions on housing-related issues (party affiliation is not a consideration).

About the Political Education Committee
The Political Education Committee membership is limited to members who have made a $250 or greater contribution to the association’s PACs.

About the PACs
South Carolina Builders PAC is a partnership between the Home Builders Association of South Carolina, Home Builders Association of Greenville, and other local HBAs in South Carolina. Its scope is local, statewide, and legislative races.

BuildPAC is a PAC organized under Federal Election Laws and managed by the National Association of Home Builders. It’s scope is Congressional races. BuildPAC does not take a position on the Presidency.

Housing Expands Amid Slowing Economy

By Rob Deitz, PhD., Chief Economist, National Association of Home Builders

The economy has slowed, as evidenced by a 1.9% estimated GDP growth rate in the third quarter of 2019. Yet, housing continues to rebound thanks largely to lower mortgage interest rates, resulting in gains for single-family permits and starts since last spring. The home building component of GDP, residential fixed investment, made a positive contribution to the headline third quarter GDP number after six prior quarters of declines. Home building contributed 0.18 basis points to the headline 1.9% growth rate.

However, the slowing economy and anchored inflation data led the Federal Reserve to lower its federal funds target to a top interest rate of 1.75%. This marks the third cut of 25 basis points in 2019, after four rate hikes in 2018. In retrospect, the 2018 tightening of monetary policy was a policy mistake given tame inflation data and rising macroeconomic headwinds. That said, the revised, current dovish stance of the Fed — particularly its effect of lowering mortgage interest rates — has been a positive factor for housing since the spring.

The rebound for housing in 2019 is clear in recent home building data. The NAHB/Wells Fargo Housing Market Index (HMI) increased to a level of 71 in October, a 20-month high. Single-family starts increased to a 918,000 annual pace in September, marking four months of gains. While new home sales were relatively flat in September, sales are running 7.2% higher in 2019 on a year-to-date basis compared to 2018 transaction volume. And new inventory is down to a 5.5-month supply, suggesting additional construction gains ahead.

HBA Elections, Bylaws Amendment, and Annual Meeting

To: Home Builders Association of Greenville Members

From: Matt Shouse, APB, President, Vice Chairman, Leadership Development Committee

James Speer, APB, Immediate Past President, Chairman, Leadership Development Committee

Re: Leadership Development Committee Report

As we approach the end of another year, your association will hold elections for our 2020 Board of Directors. Our Annual Meeting is set for Thursday, October 24, 2019, 5:30 p.m., at Elevations Cabinetry and Design by GBS. The Annual Meeting will be held in conjunction with the annual Chili Cook Off and Oyster Roast.

The Annual Meeting agenda will consist of election of the 2019 Board of Directors as well as on a proposal to amend our bylaws. We expect to convene the Annual Meeting at approximately 6:45 p.m., after the winners of the Chili Cook Off contest are announced.

As a member of your Home Builders Association, you are encouraged to exercise your privilege of voting on the slate of officers and directors who have agreed to lead your association in 2020 and on the proposed bylaws amendment. To do that, you can attend the annual meeting on October 24, or you can submit a proxy form to our Secretary-Treasurer, Scott Presley, who will cast your vote for you if you are unable to attend the Annual Meeting.

A Report of Nominations and proxy card have been mailed to each member in good standing at the mailing address we have on file for you.

Voting Online
The Report of Nominations is posted below.  To vote online, click this link and follow the instructions.

If you attend the annual meeting, the vote you cast there will be the vote that is counted. If you are not able to attend the Annual Meeting, please vote by proxy.

2020 Slate of Officers and Directors

The Leadership Development Committee met June 11, 2019, and August 6, 2019, as well as informally by email.  Michael Dey, Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer, also issued a call for nominations on behalf of the committee by publishing the call in Builder Review, the association’s newsletter.  The following is a report of nominations made for the various offices of the Home Builders Association of Greenville, S.C., Inc.  These nominations were reviewed and ratified by the Board of Directors at their meeting on August 20, 2019, and are recommended to the General Membership of the Home Builders Association of Greenville to be voted upon and approved in the manner provided for by the Bylaws and policies of the association.

Position                                        Member                                                                          Term Ends

President                                       Bill Kane, APB, Ryan Homes                                          12/31/2020

President Elect                              Ben Moseley, The Heirloom Companies                         12/31/2020

Vice President                               Steve Carson, APB, CarsonSpeer Builders                    12/31/2020

Associate Vice President              Dustin Hughes, Jeff Lynch Appliance and TV Center     12/31/2021

Immediate Past President             Matt Shouse, APB, LS Homes                                        12/31/2020

Secretary-Treasurer                      Chuck Childress, BB&T                                                   12/31/2021

Director                                         Chris Bailey, APB, Stoneledge Properties                       12/31/2022

Director                                         Drew Hamblen, APB, Fairview Custom Homes               12/31/2021

Director/SMC Chairman               Trina Montalbano, APB, DR Horton                                  12/31/2020

Director/PWB Chairman              Emily Raines, APB, Dan Ryan Builders                            12/31/2020

Additional Directors continuing in unexpired terms

The Leadership Development Committee also reports that the following director, who has previously been duly elected, will serve in 2020 in the following position:

Position                                         Member                                                                         Term Ends

Director                                         Will Cord, APB, Daniel Builders                                       12/31/2021

Director                                         Dave Hagan, APB, Ryan Homes                                     12/31/2020

Director                                         Alan Wilson, Clark’s Termite and Pest Control                 12/31/2020

Bylaws Amendment

Your association’s Board of Directors also has recommended amendments to the association’s bylaws.  These amendments are part of a routine review of the bylaws for compliance with the law as well as amendments that have been proposed to improve the association’s ability to respond to a changing housing, construction, and real estate development industry.  These amendments are in three key areas:

  1. Implement reforms to the association’s membership model.
  2. Shorten the bylaws by removing matters that are better addressed in policy, particularly matters that may need to be changed frequently to adjust to a changing association business environment that will help the association remain relevant.
  3. Address any changes in law or mandates from affiliated associations.

To review the fully annotated bylaws amendments, and to read the report of the bylaws amendments, click on the links below.

Bylaws DRAFT

Bylaws Report

To implement these Bylaws amendments, the Board of Directors has approved three new policies and amended a fourth policy.  Click on the links below to download and review them.

Affiliated Dues Payment Policy

Attendance Policy

Membership Categories Policy

Rules of Order

Mission, Vision, and Values

Voting rules from the Bylaws

The Designated Member of each member company, and Affiliate Members of each member company, are entitled to one vote each.  Members may vote in one of the following ways:

  1. In person at the Annual Meeting on Thursday, October 24, 5:30 p.m., at Elevations Cabinetry and Design by GBS, 711 Congaree Road, Greenville.
  2. Authorize Secretary-Treasurer Scott Presley to cast your vote for you by signing the enclosed proxy card and returning it to the Association.  The deadline to submit a proxy card is Wednesday, October 23, 2019, 5 p.m.
  3. Authorize Secretary-Treasurer Scott Presley to cast your vote for you by executing a proxy online by clicking here following the instructions.  The deadline to submit a proxy is Wednesday, October 23, 2019, 5 p.m.

Quorum: A quorum is 10 percent of the members in each membership category (Builder, Associate, and Affiliate).

Click here to vote by proxy

Your HBA is Remodeling!

Your HBA is Remodeling!

It is finally happening!  The remodel of your HBA Office is underway.  But we need your help.

Please consider making a donation to the association’s building remodel project.  Our needs include:

  • Flooring
  • Brush clearing and landscaping, including mulch and new plantings, and an extension of our existing irrigation system
  • Help painting the building inside and out (the paint has been donated!)
  • New signage
  • Monetary donations to help us purchase new furniture, to upgrade office technology, and pay for general contracting for the office up fits

In fact, monetary donations may be our most important need.  Members have been incredibly generous with in-kind contributions, but any remodel can’t be accomplished without hiring some of the work and paying for needs that are not typical of our industry, but needed for a modern association office.

Your association’s building should be a source of pride. Your association has owned its building since 1999.  It was beautiful then, but 20 years of wear and tear have taken its toll.
The association’s office belongs to every member. Can you help?  Together we can build an association office that is a source of pride and that positively represents your industry in the community.

For more information on specific needs, please contact Taylor at the HBA Office.

We also would like to thank our Project Chairman, James Anderson of HomeTrust Bank.  James has been on the phone with many of you already.  Thank you James for all of your hard work on this project.

New Member Benefit: Health Insurance

New Member Benefit: Health Insurance

It has taken years of work, but your HBA of Greenville, in partnership with the Home Builders Association of South Carolina, has launch a health insurance program exclusively for members of your Home Builders Association.

Check with these member agents about insuring your company through our new health insurance program.

Click this link to read the top 10 reasons your should insure your company through the HBASC Group Insurance Trust.