How do you improve on an International Builders’ Show education session on builder financing that last year topped 400 attendees? Rick Mandell, moderator for “How to Cash in on the New Wave of Capital,” has a plan.

This year, he’s added case studies so that panelists concentrating on both debt and equity financing can point to real-life solutions and get builders to “think like the money thinks,” he said.

While more money is beginning to become available to finance home building and development projects, home builders need a clearer understanding of how finance has changed and how to be successful in the post-Great Recession environment.

Builders who seek financing and can explain their objectives in terms that the investors can understand will find a more receptive welcome from private and equity investors looking to see how their investment will turn a profit.

The panel discussions and case studies will conclude with opportunities for individual conversations with potential investors. Even if those investors aren’t active back home in the builder’s own market, “at least [the builder] know how to speak the language” to get non-traditional investors interested in their projects, Mandell said.

Learn more about the Feb. 5 three-hour master session here.