South Carolina is fortunate to have a sizable residential construction project coming online in early 2011 at Shaw Air Force Base and Charleston Air Force Base. This is part of a large Federal contract for several Air Force Bases in southern states.

The contractor for the projects in South Carolina is Forrest City Military Communities LLC. The contractor for construction of the housing component is Hensel Phelps Construction ( Hensel Phelps will handle on-site supervision of the home construction and plans to subcontract with framing, electrical, plumbing, landscape, and other companies to provide specialty contracting on the project.

This is an opportunity for HBA members to land new work.

In order to be a local subcontractor on this federal project, HBA members must:

-Demonstrate their expertise in performing the required work
-Be able to secure a 100% performance bond for the work they are bidding on
-Must have a track record of completing construction work on schedule.

The bonding requirement will be new to many HBA members. Your HBA has been advised that the bonding will be on the specialty work subcontracted to Hensel Phelps, and not on the value of the entire house. We also understand that this kind of bonding requires CPA certified financial statements when the amount of the performance bond exceeds $450,000. A list of bonding companies is available by contacting your HBA office.

The national contractors (Forrest City Military Communities and Hensel Phelps) will conduct an industry forum in South Carolina in November to identify potential subcontractors. A meeting notice will be sent to HBA members when the date is set. However, you do not need to wait for the industry forum to contact the contractors if you are interested in this work. Interest subcontractors may contact Hensel Phelps now.

If you are an HBA member and are interested in participating on this project and are able to meet the minimum requirements of the contractor listed above, call Jeff Schules with Hensel Phelps at 970-352-6565. You will be placed on a list of interested contractors and will be contacted when the contractor is ready to move forward. Of course you also may wait until the industry forum in November; both are acceptable.

Construction will begin in early spring.