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The Home Builders Association of Greenville was founded on January 16, 1960. The Association was officially organized and chartered as an affiliate of the National Association of Home Builders on that date in 1960. Greenville was much smaller in 1960. The dominant industry was textile manufacturing, and the typical house averaged just 1,200 square feet.

That same week President John F. Kennedy accepted the oath of office and gave his famous address in which he encouraged all Americans to “ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country.”

The Association was formed so Home Builders and other professionals in the Home Building industry could work together and cooperate in promoting the industry, new homes, home remodeling, repairs, and improvements and other areas of interest to the Home Building industry. The Association began with a few dedicated members and has grown to its current membership of 600 members.

In 1960, Interstate highways were in their infancy and I-85 was a vision. Greenville County’s population was less than one-third of what it is today. Much has changed about Greenville since 1960, and much has changed in the Home Building industry.

Technology has changed the way new homes are built, and the way older homes are remodeled. In 1960, a single place in the home for a telephone was common. Today central vacuum systems, networked computers in every room, an intercom system as well as security systems are commonplace.

In addition, under the leadership of the Home Builders Association, building codes make new homes in America the safest in the world.

As our society has become more affluent, the size of our homes has grown from the modest two- and three-bedrooms and a single bathroom common in 1960 to much larger and more comfortable homes of today. Homes built in 1960 are frequently remodeled by members of our Association to update them to the needs of their today’s home owners.

As new homes have changed, so has the industry. Our members are adjusting to a trend back toward smaller homes that include even greater amenities. Common today are long-life surfaces like granite and marble that were the things of mansions in 1960. New homes, and their builders, must continue to keep pace with the march of improvements in technology.

Just as the industry is changing, the Home Builders Association is changing to meet the demands of the industry for another 50 years. While programs like industry representation in government remain a core mission of the Association, new programs like the Approved Professional Builder program have been added. Our Association is even advocating that the professionals in our industry make continuing education mandatory. As a result, our Association regularly offers educational opportunities to help members to be better Home Building professionals.

Our Association is also working to become a significant resource to the Upstate community. Whether you want to build a home or remodel or repair your existing home, we want the community to look to the Home Builders Association of Greenville first for information, resources and potential contractors.

Key Milestones

  • 1960 – Home Builders Association of Greenville founded, Donald Baltz installed as first President
  • 1961 – Produced first Parade of Homes and Southern Home and Garden Show
  • 1962 – Project 62, a demonstration home featuring technology of the future; Edgar W. Teasley installed as first Executive Director
  • 1963 – Second Parade of Homes produced
  • 1964 – HBA purchases, remodels, and sells a home as a demonstration project
  • 1969 – Parade of Homes produced in two developments, record-breaking attendance numbers
  • 1970 – HBA purchased and remodeled its first office building at 702 McBee Avenue
  • 1971 – Ladies Auxiliary formed; began supporting a weekly Meals on Wheels route
  • 1972 – Produced Project 72, The Home of the Future; First Builder Lender Conference
  • 1974 – Residential Builders License Law passed with HBA support; group health insurance program initiated
  • 1978 – Parade of Homes at Heritage Lakes features 27 new homes; Governor-Elect Dick Riley is guest speaker at Year-End Celebration
  • 1980 – Scholarship at Clemson University established in partnership with NAHB
  • 1982 – Microwave Cooking School offered at the Southern Home and Garden Show
  • 1983 – HBA membership grows by 42 percent; produced two Parade of Homes
  • 1986 – Statute of Limitations passed with HBA support
  • 1987 – New Home Buyer’s Guide published bi-monthly in the Greenville News
  • 1988 – HBA provided 160 smoke detectors to needy families through “Get Alarmed South Carolina”
  • 1989 – Southern Home and Garden Show moves to the Palmetto Exposition Center, now the TD Convention Center
  • 1990 – Housing Summit ’90 produced
  • 1992 – Parade of Homes produced in four subdivisions; co-hosted U.S. President George Bush with the HBA of Columbia
  • 1993 – NAHB hosted first-ever Leadership Conference in Greenville; HBA established Home Builders Research and Education Foundation of SC, Inc
  • 1994 – HBA publishes The Three R’s…Reduce, Recycle, Reuse
  • 1995 – Steve Thomas of This Old House featured at the Southern Home and Garden Show
  • 1998-1999 – Gale Crawford is first female President of the HBA of Greenville
  • 2000 – HBA Office moved to larger office space at Creekside Park Court
  • 2004 – Tree Sapling Project delivers new trees to hundreds of school children
  • 2005 – EarthCraft House green building program makes its debut in Greenville
  • 2006 – First Annual Tour of New Homes is produced
  • 2008 – Southern Home and Garden Show attendance exceeds 19,000
  • 2009 – Southern Home and Garden Show produces its first Fall show; Builder Review goes online
  • 2010 – HBA of Greenville celebrates its 50th anniversary
  • 2011 – Southern Home and Garden Show celebrates its 50th anniversary; HBA of Greenville affiliates with Clemson University Student Chapter
  • 2012 – Approved Professional Builder/Remodeler program launched
  • 2013 – Gallivan, White & Boyd Legal Hotline launched; Southern Home and Garden Bridge Awards launched
  • 2014 – Sales and Marketing Council of the Upstate launched
  • 2015 – Eighth Annual Housing Market Forecast becomes a partnership with the Greater Greenville Association of REALTORS®, Upstate Mortgage Lenders Association, and the Sales and Marketing Council of the Upstate

Past Presidents

The Home Builders Association of Greenville is grateful to have a long history of Presidents that have served our Association with dedication and honor. The following is a list of past Presidents of the HBA, starting with its first President, Donald Baltz, who presided over the board and membership for the first two years after the Association’s founding. As our membership continues to grow and we develop ways to strengthen the Home Building industry and our communities, we remember those who have helped us become the strong HBA we are today.

Donald Baltz, 1960-1961*
Edgar W. Teasley, 1962*
John S. Taylor, 1962-1963*
Graham Proffitt, APB, 1964
Marion Uldrick, 1965
Eugene Rackley, 1966
Lloyd Gilstrap, 1967*
Edward Hembree, 1968*
W. N. Leslie, 1969*
Larry Gibson, 1970
Levis Gilstrap, 1971
John Cothran, 1972
Harold Newton, 1973*
Ray Dempsey, 1974
J.W. Roberts, 1975
Glenn W. Hawkins, 1977
David W. Balentine, 1978
James A. Nelson, 1979
A.J. Prince, 1980
Ralph Hendricks, 1981
David Douglas, 1981
William McCauley, 1983*
Bob Sexton, 1984
Don Franklin, 1985
Dee Smith, 1986
Jerry N. Marsh, 1987*
James C. Leary, 1988
Ed Burgess, 1989*


Joe Jelks, 1990
Don Rex, 1991
Dennis Waldrop, 1992
Lynn Yeargin, 1993
Rodney Edwards, 1994
Doug Ashmore, 1995
William E. Dunn, APB, 1996
Tim Justice, 1996
Gale Crawford, 1998-1999
Wayne Moore, APB, 2000
Richard Merritt, 2001
Jim Gregorie, 2002
Keith Smith, APB, 2003
Hal Dillard, APB, 2004
Clyde Rector, APB, 2005
Coleman Shouse, APB, 2006
Dan Rawls, 2007
Todd Usher, GMB, Master CGP, APB, 2008
Bruce Pasquarella, APB, 2009
Thomas Dillard, APB, 2010
Wayne Moore, APB, 2011
Robert Markel, APR, 2012
Rick Quinn, APB, 2013
Mike Freeman, GMB, APB, 2014
Susan Peace-Vernon, APB, 2015
Joe Hoover, APB, 2016
Bob Barreto, 2017


Additional Memebers

Several of our distinguished members have also served as President of the South Carolina Home Builders Association, including:

  • Levis Gilstrap, 1974
  • Larry Gibson, 1978
  • Graham Proffitt, APB, 1991
  • Ed Burgess, 1994*
  • Dan Rawls, 2002*
  • Keith Smith, APB, 2007
  • Jim Gregorie, 2009
  • Rick Quinn, APB, 2018


In addition to our member leadership, the Association also is managed by a staff of professionals who are led by the Executive Vice President. Past Executive Vice Presidents include:

  • Edgar W. Teasley, 1962-1985*
  • Wesley Giles, 1986-1999
  • Janie Cherry, 1999-2001
  • Eston Rodgers, 2001-2007
  • Michael Dey, 2007-Present